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Material Advantage Students Visit Washington


Tricia L. Niswonger


The Congressional Visits Day (CVD), sponsored by The Federation of Materials Societies (FMS) and the Material Advantage Student Program, is an event that gives students and faculty an exciting opportunity to visit on Capitol Hill with members of the U.S. Congress and congressional staffers from their own states.The 2007 event was held March 19–20.The goal of the event is to educate Congress about the importance of research in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing and the need to increase federal R&D funding.Approximately 60 Material Advantage students and faculty from 11 schools from around the country journeyed to Washington to participate.
How to Cite: Niswonger, T.L., 2008. Material Advantage Students Visit Washington. Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research, 3. DOI:
Published on 28 Apr 2008.


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